• User-friendly
  • Multi-monitor capable
  • Client/server systems
  • Software/hardware redundancy
  • Remote notification (SMS, email, etc.)
  • Can also operate each unit separately for service purposes
  • Quick error location and error correction thanks todetailed error messages and therefore quicker production resumption

Our standardised visualisation concept in association with our ISWplant© standardised programming standard allows us to consistently test the PLC programme and control cabinets in-house using an integrated simulation functionality. This keeps on-site start-up as short as possible.
Our software standard is so flexible that it can individually adapt to customer requests with regard to the appearance of the user interface and facility operation.

Another advantage of this consistent standardisation is that it makes it easier for the customer to operate his facility.

This means that the operational state of the facility is easily identifiable with one click thanks to a unique color scheme and the use of clear symbols.
If a malfunction should occur, a detailed error description is entered into the existing alarm list.
This significantly accelerates error location, error correction and thus, resumption of facility production, which means cash for the customer.

Our comprehensive service mode, where each existing unit can be individually switched to manual operation, furthermore makes it easier for your service technicians to troubleshoot and, of course, service your facility in order to ensure high productivity.

Remote maintenance can also be installed for the system at customer request. Furthermore, it is possible to service the system from multiple operator terminals and install a multi-monitor system in order to clearly monitor and operate large systems as well.

Remote access, remote alarm and a redundant visualisation system ensure high availability.

We focus on all conventional systems as visualisation systems (CopaData Zenon, Siemens WinCC, etc.)