• PLC programming according to IEC 61131-3
  • Extensive experience in facility and mechanical engineering
  • Professional design, based on extensive know-how and years' of experience
  • Self-developed, standardised and flexible ISWplant© PLC development tool

We focus on planning, software development and documentation when developing your tailor-made PLC programme.

Automation software is a capital good that is flexible and must also be adapted to changed process sequences during the course of a facility’s lifetime.

Automation of your industrial facility is divided into the process control level, control level and field level.


The process management level is primarily used for operation and monitoring, formula management and execution, measured-value archiving, operating data acquisition, etc.

The control level is used to control and regulate your facility. This is implemented using a PLC (programmable logic control).

The basis for the control level and the included PLC programme is the field level. Process signals (input and output signals) are processed digitally or analog.

Communication between the process control level, control level and field level can be realised in many different ways (field bus systems): Profibus, Profinet, WLAN, AS Interface, EIB. They are individually planned, customised and optimised, depending on the usage area.

We focus on all conventional systems (Siemens Simatic S7©, B&R, etc.) as a PLC system for developing your automation software.