Mobile applications in logistics and in industry are becoming increasingly more important. Due to the fact that one is “closer” to the process and not dependent on stationary control panels, productivity is increased and process development is accelerated.

Integrating smartphones and tablet computer provides the opportunity to intervene anywhere in the processes and maintain an overview at any time.

A multitude of mobile terminals with many different functions are available. Important technologies such as Wi-Fi, bar code readers or RFID readers and NFC readers can be integrated into the devices. Therefore, applications in logistics can be implemented along with classic automation technology tasks. When it comes to software technology, these mobile terminals are now almost on par with their big brothers in the offices. The touch operation also produces entire new possibilities in user interaction.

ISW designs and develops mobile applications in all fields of application in logistics and automation technology. Possible solutions range from mobile applications, which augment existing systems, to fully-integrated applications for the ISWlogistics© platform. In accordance with requirements, we also choose the ideal end user devices (smartphone, tablet computer, industrial PDA, netbook with touch control, etc.).


Web applications only require a browser on the user’s computer, which in most cases is already there. Unlike conventional client-server applications, no additional software needs to be installed onto users' computers. This gives web applications a high degree of platform independence. As a result, web applications can not only run on PCs and laptops, but they can also be used by smartphones or tablet PCs without having to develop a standalone application for them. And should a web application’s logic ever need adjustment, changes only need to be made at one (central) location, which has a favourable effect on maintenance costs.