ISWvis is a visualisation software for PLC control systems.

With this application, existing systems can be graphically re-created and controlled. The advantage of ISWvis visualisations is that they can be used from any normal PC. The programme can be used for fully-automatic and semi-automatic as well as for manual operations. In fully-automatic systems, the Visu can be used for monitoring to report any errors to the user or inform the person in charge via SMS.

In semi-automatic mode, the operator has the option of partially intervening in the process. If the machine has service mode, for instance, the visualisation can be parameterised in such a manner that the user has full manual access to the control unit in manual operation.


The ISWvis visualisation system we developed for easy and especially low-cost PC visualisations in conjunction with the standard-compliant ISW-plantĀ© programming standard, which we also developed, allows us to continuously test the PLC program with the visualisation, including the hardware and associated control cabinets, in-house using the integrated simulation functionality. This keeps on-site start-up as short as possible and reduces expenses for the facility operator.

Our software standard is characterised by flexibility. This allows customer requests to be individually adapted in terms of facility appearance, size of user interface and operating requirements.

Another advantage of consistent standardisation is that it allows the customer to operate his machine and/or facility in a simple and error-free manner.

Operating personnel expenses decrease along with training expenses. This means that the operational state of the facility is easily identifiable with one click thanks to a unique color scheme and the use of simple and clear symbols. If a malfunction should occur, a detailed error description is entered into the existing alarm list.

Our comprehensive service mode, where each existing unit can be individually switched to manual operation and operated, furthermore makes it easier for your service technicians to troubleshoot and, of course, service the machine and/or facility. This achieves greater productivity, shorter downtimes and lower maintenance costs.

Depending on customer wishes, a redundant visualisation system can be installed with a server solution and standby server solution.

This ensures virtually 100% operating safety and operational reliability.