ISWcollect is an embedded controller, which is used to record data and for visualisation.

The controller can be integrated into an existing system in a relatively easy fashion and with little effort. The special thing about the system is the ability to invoke the data directly on the device using a web interface or CSV file.
Additional advantages of ISWcollect include the required interfaces for integrated data into higher-level systems (ISWanalyser, SQL database, etc.).


  • Retrieving data via the integrated web interface
  • Creating log data in CSV format
  • Direct SQL database connection
  • Retrieving CSV log files via the integrated USB interfaces
  • Delivering the data via the HTTP protocol (e.g. to a web service)
  • Simple configuration via VNC


  • Energy monitoring
  • Production data collection (BDE)
  • Overall facility effectiveness (OEE)
  • Customised solutions


  • 30 digital inputs/outputs and 2 analog inputs are integrated into the device
  • Ethernet on board
  • 2 USB ports
  • Fan-free
  • Battery-free
  • 1 GB flash drive
  • Basic version has a powerful x86 200Mhz processor
  • Performance can be scaled up to an x86 1.6 Ghz processor
  • 1x slot for a custom field bus connection

Profinet, Profibus, Modbus TCPEthercat, M-Bus and many more.